Research Interests :

  • Semantic enriched search
    The abundance of resources on the Internet has imposed challenges to users' information access. Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) provide a novel navigation method to respond to users' diverse requirements. However, as an increasing number of studies have adopted SOM as their representation methods, the quality of these methods becomes critical to determine whether users are receiving high-quality navigation assistance/information. Therefore, I am studying the improvement of SOM representation quality by integrating various semantic features.

  • Exploratory Search
    Nowadays, users not only look up answers on the Internet but also learn and live with the Web. Exploratory search provides broader information support while users are seeking information online. We were trying to build and support exploratory search in the "Teenie" Harris Archive from the Carnegie Museum of Art. Named-entity based faceted browsing was proposed to achieve the goal.

  • Open corpus personalization
    Avaliable educational resources to students are spreading around the Internet. How can we find out meaningful and reasonable amount of resources to support students from the unbounded Internet? How could we provide useful resources to different students with different learning backgrounds and progresses? We are trying to detect relevant resources and also novel material to our students.

Academic Services :

  • Reviewer
    1. 2015 JASIST, Hypertext, CHI, TBD, TIST, 科技管理學刊
    2. 2014 JISE, JEB, Information Systems Frontiers, 服務科學研究論壇,電子商務學報
    2. 2012 JASIST , IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies , EDM , JUCS
    1. 2011 WWW, JUCS

  • Volunteer

    2008 Hypertext
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    1. PAWS research group (Personalized Adaptive Web Systems) PAWS wiki
    2. The Information Retrieval, Integration and Synthesis Lab
    3. ACM student membership