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About Myself

  • Name: Yi-ling Lin
  • Hometown: Taipei,Taiwan
  • Degree Pursing: PhD
  • School: University of Pittsburgh
  • Major: Information Science
  • CV


  • Pursuing Ph.D. in information science, Department of Information Science, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh (2007~) (Advisors: Dr. Daqing He and Dr. Peter Leonid Brusilovsky)
  • M.S. in Management Information Systems, Eller College of Management, Univsersity of Arizona, Tucson (2006)
  • MBA. in Information Management, College of Management, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (2004)
  • B.A. in Management Information Systems, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan(2002)

Research Grants- Principle Investigator

  • A dual-perspective navigation framework for enhancing image findability: An eyetracking user study, 2014/04/01 ~ 2015/07/31 (103WFA0800554)
  • Tapping on the health care Q&A community by recommending answerers, 2015/08/01~2016/07/31 (104WFA0850317)

External Grants

  • ASE public opinion analysis and listening technology development(日月光輿情分析與監督技術之研發), Found by ASE (日月光產學合作研究計畫), 共同主持人2015/01/01-2015/12/31
  • Developing renal toxicity database using textmining algorithms (利用文字探勘演算法開發腎毒性資料庫), NSYSU-KMU Joint Research Project (國立中山大學與高雄醫學大學合作研究計畫), 主持人, 2016/01/01-2016/12/31

Awards and Honors

  • 2016 Sayling Wen's Award for Young Outstanding Researchers in Service Science (2016)第八屆溫世仁服務科學新苗獎(2016), Developing a service to assist programmers based on an information seeking model
  • 2015 First place of International ICT Innovative Service Awards 2015 (IAP 5 division) – Dogtor (Using wearable devices detect and monitor pet dogs' physical condition & consist with medical assistance) , Being supervisor of Dogtor's group (郭哲偉、張信加、吳洺甄、周昱妙、洪銘辰)
  • 2014 Teaching Excellence Award - System Analysis and Design (Fall 2014).


  • Free University of Amsterdam, School of Computer Science - Summer Internship(2010)
  • The University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences-Research Assistant(2007-present)
  • The University of Arizona, Eller College of Management- Assistant Web Program Manager (2006)
  • The University of Arizona, Artificial Intelligence Lab-Research Assistant (2006)
  • Microsoft Taiwan - Consultant (2005)
  • Whole-Yik CO., LTD.- System Analyst and Designer